Bicknell NSP 3

Bicknell, IN

New single family homes built as infill housing throughout the community.

River Pointe

Tell City, IN

New mixed use facility on Tell City's riverfront. Will consist of affordable senior apartments, Market rate condos, and retail/commercial space.

Westwood Crossing

Washington, IN

New housing located on Maxwell Street in Washington. Consisting of 20 for sale single family homes, and 37 for rent affordable family apartments.

The Landing

Mt. Vernon, IN

New mixed use facility located on Mt. Vernon's waterfront. The facility includes market rate condos, affordable senior apartments, and retail/commercial space on the first floor.

  a r c h i t e c t u r e  +  d e v e l o p m e n t.

myszak + palmer

Downtown Terrace

Petersburg, IN

New construction and remodel of one existing building on main street in Petersburg. Top floors are affordable senior apartments and the first floor will be composed of Good Samaritan Hospital Urgent Care Clinic.

Clark's Crossing

Vincennes, IN

Remodel of existing school building into affordable senior apartments.  Renovation of historic Adams Coliseum.

Note: All developments have also been designed by Myszak+Palmer, Inc.